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How BBA Business Analytics Empowers Strategic Business Choices?

Want to transform businesses and achieve better revenue, brand visibility and more in a dynamic market? BBA Business Analytics at MIT-WPU can help you achieve that by using data to empower your business strategy. For a fulfilling and successful role that keeps you informed, choose Business Analytics as your career. Now, you may wonder what job you can apply for and how much this pays if you decide on BBA Business Analytics. Follow this blog to know more.

Have you ever imagined what happens to the old and famous brands that have become unknown recently? What could the reason be? With the latest analytics tools, you know what has gone wrong and help these bounce back more substantially in the competitive market! A business consultant or analyst with this degree will be apt for a business to profit.

Focusing on the earning potential, Purdue University states the average salary of a business consultant in India is between 13-23 lakh. This only grows with various roles, including product manager, senior business analyst, etc.

To be the business analyst and the many lucrative talents hiring companies seek, read this and why you must apply now at MIT-WPU to tap into the business potential in you!

Who can pursue BBA Business Analytics?

With this course, you can help a company grow in all directions with data. Say a business has outdated software and no profit for a while. A business analyst can prove that once the software has been updated and with a few promotional campaigns, the company will be up and running again. For this, you need to analyse a lot, most of which will be numbers.

You may also have to predict a brand’s future with the data you have, and hence, statistics also has a significant chunk in this course. If you love numbers and can quickly identify an underlying pattern, then Business Analytics is a piece of cake!

What can you do with a BBA Business Analytics Degree?

Data-driven Decision-Making

You may wonder what data-driven decision-making is in today’s world now that you hear it more often. For example, take a top consumer-product manufacturing company. They want to introduce their new foundation into the market, so how do they succeed? They crowd-source the feedback given by their customers or from the public. They consider these and develop a formula that’s sustainable, cruelty-free and more. They also conduct market research by discovering what their competitors do and designing the latest product that’s more profitable than their previous ones. This lets the company decide the marketing strategies, pricing, distribution, etc.

Risk Management Strategies

Any brand or company might face risks, and it’s inevitable. Here’s where BBA Business Analytics can make a difference. Business analysts find out the past patterns of the risk factors that led to the company’s loss and how these can be solved by predicting a potential future. By this, proactive measures can be taken to mitigate risks and reduce financial loss and reputational damage.

Process Improvement

BBA Business Analytics graduates can use data to identify areas where processes can be improved. Inefficiencies can be identified by analysing data on errors, production and logistics costs, and customer satisfaction. This information can then be used to streamline processes, reduce issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Imagine a startup needing help to increase its visibility value and sales revenue. BBA Business Analytics can help you analyse data on sales figures, customer demographics, and marketing campaigns to identify where the startup has to spend more income to gain visibility. They may find that their target audience needs to be corrected, or their promotional campaigns must be more attractive to drive traffic to their site. This information can then be used to develop new marketing campaigns and other strategies to increase sales and market value.

Increased Productivity, Improved Efficiency, Reduced Risk and Managed Setbacks

By using BBA Business Analytics graduates, businesses can achieve benefits like:

  • Increased productivity: By identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, businesses can get more work done by their employees in less time through several work-life balance insights.
  • Improved efficiency: By streamlining processes according to a region and its customers, businesses can reduce costs and improve quality.
  • Reduced risk: Through proper analysis, businesses can protect themselves from financial losses and brand image reputation.
  • Manage setbacks: By learning from past mistakes and predicting future problems, businesses can understand how to tackle issues without losing revenue or workforce.

In conclusion, BBA Business Analytics graduates are the holy grail to any business looking forward to expanding their presence on and offshore. Their data analysis, risk management, and process improvement skills can help companies make sound decisions, improve efficiency, and reduce risk, thereby increasing their overall profit.

While BBA Business graduates can gain this in general, how can the three-year BBA Business Analytics at MIT-WPU help you become the highest-earning graduate on campus?

  • Dedicated industry-academic partnerships for students to understand real-world business issues.
  • Involve students in summer internships for more than four weeks to learn business and industrial ethics to help them understand their job roles.
  • Encourage students to collaborate regularly with professors to bridge the research gap in future business issues.


How long does it take to complete a BBA Business Analytics program? 

A BBA Business Analytics course is three years long, and it’s the same at MIT-WPU. Though most of the courses across India follow almost the same curriculum, they might differ from what MIT-WPU offers.

Are there specific industries where BBA Business Analytics is particularly beneficial? 

Like any other course, there are specific industries where you can work with a BBA Business Analytics course. They are finance, technology, healthcare, retail and marketing.

How does BBA Business Analytics contribute to career advancement? 

You can become a business analyst with this degree, immense domain, and computer knowledge. As a business analyst, your work drives a company towards profit by enhancing the processes with data-driven insights.

What is BBA Business Analytics? 

BBA Business Analytics is a course where you learn business administration principles with data analysis techniques and use this data for better development of the company and the market future.

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