Starting university is one of the experiences most students very eagerly look forward to. You get to be away from home and start to live a lot more independently. It is a beginning of a new chapter of life and one is bound to feel multiple emotions in one go. You feel excited and overwhelmed at the same time. When you are living in York University Housing, you might have many questions in mind. These questions might seem quite basic, but they are powerful enough to induce anxiety. Today, we would be answering some of the commonly asked questions when it comes to university housing.

Is there parking?

Whether you have a car or a bike, you would be curious about whether there would be enough space for you to park. Even with a bike, you don’t want to carry it to your room every day. Most housing facilities have limited parking spots that are available for rent. However, bike racks would be available to you for free.

What is meant by an individual lease?

You might have an individual lease. A lot of housing facilities like the Quad lease out on a per bed basis. In such a situation you are only responsible for the rent of the suite that you are living in. However, if you do have roommates then all roommates would be equally responsible for the damages done and if there is any missing furniture.

What happens in case of fire, theft or any disaster?

The lease agreement that you would be signing doesn’t usually include personal damages. For covering personal damages you would need to purchase renter’s insurance. Once you have purchased the insurance you should inform the office of the housing facility about the same. You would also be required to submit proof of renter’s insurance before you move in.

What happens in the case of a lost key?

If you are someone who loses things easily, then this question might be bothering you a lot more than you would like to accept. Most of the apartments do have a unique electronic key that can’t be duplicated. In case you have lost the key you can always inform the office of the housing facility. They will help you out.

What should you bring with you when moving in?

Once you know what furniture would be available to you, you can plan things accordingly. Some of the things that you should definitely carry with you are kitchen items like dishes, cleaning supplies and other general amenities that you would be needing like shower curtains, toilet paper, tissues and garbage bags. You can also carry things to decorate the room the way you want to.

What happens when something breaks down in your room?

In case of any breakdown, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. There is no need to fret. Most housing facilities have a maintenance team available on site. They will be there to help you out even in case of emergencies.

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Matt Robinson