Why is Reading Comprehension so Important for Kids?

There is no doubt that the kids can read well at their age. But do you know that reading a passage and comprehending the passage well are two different things? Besides helping your kid read out texts, you need to also invest time in helping them comprehend it too. For reading, you can direct your child to have fluent parsing and phonetic sound bending abilities. This will help them create words. But for reading comprehension, they must have the ability to think about the words that they have just read and must derive their meanings. To help them improve their skills, you can take suggestions from the below help.

Daily reading practice

This is a habit that must be developed pretty early in every child. They must spend at least 30 minutes a day reading with a loved one. This helps the child build positive relationships with reading and helps them gain the ability to comprehend the meaning of the text. To succeed, as per studies, kids must read daily at their homes.

Check for understanding

You should start involving yourself with the kids when they are reading. It can be you who can read on their behalf at times. This will also help them easily develop their listening skills too. At periodic intervals, you can ask them key comprehension questions. This will help you understand if they are able to grasp the piece. It will also direct them to know the type of questions they should be asking themselves while they are reading.

Make connections

When your child is reading the passages aloud, try listing out similar experiences that you had related to the story. Ask them to share theirs. This will dramatically increase their interest in reading and with the fact they have something in common with the passage will help them get engrossed in it.

Create visuals

There are troubles that kids face while they read. They find it difficult to visualize what they have finished reading and you can help them out. Try describing the scene, characters and plots that are in the passage. You can ask what they are visualizing and encourage them to draw it out in their notebook. They will be involved in creating their own very story and this will initiate their holistic growth.

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