5 Sources of the Best Human Resource Courses To Advance Your Career

Of all the departments in the workspace, the human resource department needs constant improvement. 

Here is why:

HR must stay updated on the latest market trends, work models, and policies to attract top talent. An HR manager is directly responsible for employee engagement and retention, so one must always have fresh ideas to create a positive work environment. There is also a need to stay current with emerging ways to deal with employee concerns, etc.

The list of why an HR manager requires constant training is endless. So, where can one acquire such knowledge?

Simple: Human Resources Management Courses!

But where can you pursue these courses?

Here are five sources:

Universities and Colleges

The first option is always to go back to school. Universities and colleges offer comprehensive HR courses to advance careers at any level. The significant downside of this route is that you ideally have to attend classes in person. They also take a long time and are expensive.

However, you can attend night classes or use an e-learning option that most universities offer today.

Online Learning Websites

You can also pursue an HR course or two via online learning platforms such as Udemy and Coursera. LinkedIn Learning is another training platform. 

The great thing about these online learning websites is that they are entirely remote. You only need to attend a virtual class, which can be live or recorded. The platforms’ portals may also allow self-paced learning, meaning you attend classes when you can. They also offer specific training sessions. You can learn about emotional intelligence or boosting employee morale in the workplace.

The only catch with this source is that you must be dedicated entirely to meet all the course milestones. If you slack, you fall behind.

Professional Organizations

Established groups and societies also offer certified training and courses to HR professionals. The Society of Human Resource Management is one of the largest HR communities. This institution provides various training and certified courses.

Another is the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR). This one provides HR professionals in the public domain with resources and sponsored certified training.

These can be expensive and focus narrowly on specific topics.

Corporate Training Programs

Some companies and institutions offer HR department training programs that advance their careers. 

One of the renowned corporate training programs is Harvard Business School Online. This program offers professional corporate solutions that help executives and employees master foundational business concepts in HR. 

Another is the Whatfix, which holds training in leadership, team communication, and client and project management courses.

If corporate training is closed, it limits others from joining in.

Human Resource Consultancies 

Certain consultancy firms attach their offering to courses as well. They offer training programs and workshops that equip you with practical, hands-on learning experiences. Because they are in the industry to provide advice, HR consultancies tend to offer courses with the latest HR sector information.

The catch with consultancy firms is that sometimes, other employers may not recognize the certifications. 

Final Thoughts

Which one, if you had to choose, would you pick?

That is totally up to you to decide. Conduct further in-depth research on each site to make sure it has what you’re looking for. You never know—taking a course could lead to the next best-paid job!

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Marco Jones