Video Game Coding for kids – A Short Case Study!

Kids these days are so much indoors, it’s difficult to say when their playtime is. Parents also give their kids access to mobile phones and the internet from a very young age.

Children of the modern age are more interested in keeping indoors than going out in the Sun. Playing video games and PlayStation is the playtime or kids’ fun time these days.

But, did you know there is a way to make your kids’ video game addiction into a fruitful future asset? Yes, there are institutions like coding school that divert your wards energy spent on playing video games into something more creative.

Companies like transform your kids’ internal interests into a useful tool for their future. Instead of playing games, your kids will be making them. Right from the young age of 5, coding schools for kids and teens cultivate enthusiasm in young children about the world of coding.

Your child will be subjected to a month’s training program at the end of which he/she will develop a 2-D game by themselves. As your ward’s interest is already aligned to video games, it will be easy to motivate them to learn to code these games.

Experienced instructors based in Canada with ample knowledge and insight on teaching kids will give around 30 one-hour sessions. If your ward misses a class, a couple of individual lessons will be taught for free.

This whole coding program can enhance your kids’ interest in the internet and programming languages. With the current boom in the IT industry and specifically in the game development sectors, there is no better habit your kids can develop.

All you have to do is register yourself and your kids with online platforms like These coding schools for kids will then admit your kids just like in a normal virtual classroom with like-minded kids. This will further enhance their desire to learn.

With each session, your child is coming closer to being a full-fledged game designer. At the end of the one-month course, the whole attitude and aptitude of your child will be totally changed.

Awarding your ward with little gifts and payments is also done in the curriculum to make them aware of the potential benefits of coding games.

In short, if you are a worried parent trying to kick some sensible idea into your kids’ minds, then search no more video games, coding for kids is your solution.

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Matt Robinson