Learn More on OSHA Guidelines and Violations of Their Standards


One of the most common things that happens at workplace these days are accidents and injuries. Injuries and accidents mostly happen because of the mistakes of the other individual involved or negligence or ignorance and so on. These all are very common and bound to happen. But there are ways in which one can prevent such common ignorance, negligence and accidents/injuries by learning how to deal and manage with it. The best way is to enrol yourself with OSHA. OSHA i.e. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, & its certification has now a days become mandatory and, in the USA, it is compulsory for every industry, manufacturing unit, warehouse, hospitals, workplaces to have employees with an OSHA certification.

OSHA Courses 

The OSHA course has a total 23 modules. You can either enrol yourself for OSHA-10-hour course or you can enrol yourself for OSHA-30-hour course. The osha 10 is a simple course and is different from the other course. The OSHA -30-hour course is for 6 months. After which, you will have to give the final exam of OSHA. You can give the final exam of OSHA for 3 times, which means that you have a total 3 chances of giving the OSHA exam and if you fail all the 3 tests then, you will be locked out and will not be allowed to retake the test or the course.

6 Months OSHA- 30 

As already mentioned, OSHA -30 is for 6 months. So, if you don’t complete the OSHA course in the or within 6 months, then your account will get deactivated and you will have to activate your account again, if you have to continue with the courses. The OSHA mainly or has a pivotal objective of preventing injuries and accidents at workplace. And, the OSHA also penalizes the individual who violate the standards of OSHA and its guidelines for the protection against accident and injuries. For instance, preventing ladder or staircase injuries. Suppose, there is a hospital and, in the staircase, they have put radium stripes. But it has been wrongly put, and its confusing people while going down during the daytime and they think that there is one more staircase and they slip, so such is an injury that can be prevented, if proper steps are taken & this is a violation of OSHA standards or guidelines, if the management is taking no action to prevent it.

Other Instances of OSHA Standard Violations 

Suppose there is a water filter with a leaky tap near the staircase in an office/hospital. And, the water flows through the staircase causing chances of accidents and injuries like slipping or tripping off the staircase and the management is aware of it, and does not take any action to prevent it, then in such a scenario, it is a clear violation of the guidelines or OSHA standards to prevent staircase injury or slips or accidents and so on.


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